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Kuruvi Koodu is a forum for protecting women and children from sexual harassment. Today, with the technology in place, lot of crimes are happening to our friends and fellow human beings. Every second in this world, there are hundreds of molestations happening, some which end up fatal. Kuruvi Koodu will stand as a wall against such sexual harassments, and act as a social police protecting women.Volunteers across the Kongu Belt have joined hands for this noble cause using the forum called ‘Kuruvi Koodu’. This organisation will be governed by its parental organization ‘ThenKoodu’.


The beneficiaries of our programmes deserve evidence-based interventions that bring real change to their lives.

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The foundation of any successful, high impact programme is a body of evidence detailing how we change lives.

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Kuruvi Koodu responds to one of the world’s worst social crisis and helps people whose lives and...

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Key Objectives

  • Develop clear statements to address key concern for emotional and physical safety of children and teenagers in their personal and professional lives
  • Teach core Social Safety Skills.
  • Deploy the Kuruvi Koodu Positive Practice Method to coach interactive safety skills and practices.
  • Use the Kuruvi Koodu Positive Practice skills as a management tool to address unsafe or disrespectful behaviour.
  • Adapt core skills to support safety in social media, gaming and other online spaces.
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We’ve seen great progress in keeping our children safe.

Yet we still have a long way to go..!!!


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Children Safeguarding themselves — Protecting Child Safety at All Levels

We’ve seen great progress in keeping our children safe. Yet we still have a long way to go! Research has shown that bullying, child abuse, and other harmful childhood experiences cause suffering, especially when it occurs continuously in people’s lives.

Unfortunately, discomfort and lack of knowledge often make it hard for them to take effective action. When children learn to safeguard themselves it creates an effective circle of safety in families, schools, organizations and community as a whole.

The safety of kids is everybody’s business! Discover how to:

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