Protecting Child Safety at All Levels

We’ve seen great progress in keeping our children safe. Yet we still have a long way to go! Research has shown that bullying, abuse, and other harmful childhood experiences cause suffering, especially when they occur continuously in people’s lives. Unfortunately, discomfort and lack of knowledge often make it hard to take effective action. On the other hand,children safeguarding themselves creates an effective circle of safety,in families, schools, and communities.

The safety of children is everybody’s business! Discover how to:

  • Use the powerful ‘Safety at All Levels model, beginning at home and then extending to neighbours, schools, sports, and beyond.
  • Become a positive, powerful advocate for child safety, confidence, and respect.
  • Recognize potential trouble and take charge of problems that put children at risk.
  • Persuade organizations at all levels to take action to protect the young people in their care.