Kuruvi Koodu responds to one of the world’s worst social crisis-child abuse & sexual harassment to women.

A bird's nest is where a bird lays and incubates its eggs and raises its young ones. Similarly Kuruvi Koodu is a nest for women & children who are longing for protection from sex abuse.

Today, with the easily available adult content on the web, lots of crimes are happening to kids and women around us. Every second, hundreds of molestations happen of which some end up fatally.

Kuruvi Koodu would stand as a wall against such sexual harassments, and act as a social police protecting women. Lots of volunteers across the Kongu Belt have volunteered to join this noble forum  ‘Kuruvi Koodu’. This would be governed by its parental organization ‘ThenKoodu’.

Kuruvi Koodu is being headed by people from the Law Community and Retired Police Officials. Our team of volunteers would be  irrespective of stature, caste & creed.

Our Focus

This initiative has had tremendous response from the public. Kuruvi Koodu would extend its wings across frontiers very shortly.

Children are the backbone of the nation and they are the carrier of our culture to the future world. Nurturing our children in the right path, meets our mother nature’s objective towards building a strong and friendly society. Understanding nature in the right path will lead us to go hand in hand, while realizing the reason why we are part of the society.